LEGO Construct & Command

Your LEGO just became tabletop gaming

Welcome to the universe of LEGO Construct & Command, where all your favorite heroes from across the ages can meet and clash in epic contests! Have you ever wanted to test your mettle as a tactician beating long odds, siege a fortress of your own creation, or just show your friends who the best commander is? The infinitely customizable LEGO Construct & Command brings the strongest warriors from across time and space alive like never before! Whether you choose to play alongside chivalrous Medieval Era units, tactical Gunpowder Era units, or exotic Future Era units, new friends and foes await!

A great place to get started

See how a LEGO Construct & Command Medieval battle plays out in just 6 minutes!

LEGO Construct & Command is just as versatile as LEGO and has many different playable modes

Standard Play − Standard Play matches are between two players. Players must set an amount of gold available to each of them to purchase units, the era that they will pick units from, and finally the Command Board that they will Construct & Command on. Once those three are determined, the players will begin to spend their gold on units and equipment from that era. See the attached equipment sheet for an example. Note that the gold limit can be as high or low as the players want, but they must be sure to have all the necessary LEGO pieces to play what they want to use!

Siege Scenarios − A battering ram pulverizes the front gates, and the goblin horde rampages into the fortress. Riflemen show their discipline and resolve by advancing row by row into enemy territory under cover of supporting cannon fire. Lion knights shout victory cries as they chase invaders out from their makeshift barricades. Few modes are quite as memorable–and time intensive–as siege maps. The ability to customize LEGO Construct & Command is perhaps best highlighted here as players craft their own defenses according to their imagination and tools at their disposal. Depending on the LEGO pieces available, a siege map could be as complex as a multi-tiered citadel or as simply as a single-wall outpost.

RPG Scenarios − LEGO Construct & Command offers an easy transition to a more story-based, persistent format of role playing. Just take your favorite minifigures, equip them with starting gear or abilities, and then construct the world around your minifigures! Whether you want to make a knight, mage, barbarian, or rogue, the possibilities are endless. You can play with as many friends as you want. Choose to have a campaign-master commanding the opposing forces or create your own campaign together!

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